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Kemsing is to be found in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty at the foot of the North Downs. Situated on the High Street, St Edith Hall is a grade II listed building, built in the very early years of the 20th century which, during the First World War, was used as a hospital and manned by the Kent Voluntary Aid Detachment. The hall is a beautiful Edwardian structure with a wooden barrel-vaulted ceiling, excellent acoustics and a lovely ambience. With an adjoining bar, well stocked with real ales and a full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, the hall is ideally suited to live music of a folk nature.




The hall has played host to many live music events in it's chequered history, with the new folk element arriving in 2010. St Edith Folk has been formally in existence since September 2013 and is now into it's fifth season of excellent music.  Over the past years we have had the pleasure of welcoming folk lumiaries such as Fairport Convention, Oysterband, Jon Boden and Martin Simpson to play there, as well as more contemporary folk artists such as Lau, Moulettes, Keston Cobblers Club and False Lights.

At St Edith Folk, we are all avid supporters of live music, we are dedicated to the promotion of quality live music at the club and seek to engage with a wide range of audiences right across the age spectrum. In addition, we aim to give local performers the opportunity to showcase their talents. Contact from local artists, whether new or established, is always welcome.



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Our hope is to engage with the local community and beyond, and provide a resource that is both valued and supported by community members. Your personal involvement is important to us and we invite everyone who reads this to contribute, whether it be by recommending artists that you would like to see play at St Edith Folk, commenting on areas in which we can improve our service, or suggesting other ways in which we can connect with the community. Please do contribute! You can get in touch easily by using the ‘Contact’ form on the website.

We are fortunate to have staged many exceptional evenings of music over the past years which have been enjoyed by all who came along and we mean to continue in the same vein. In our opinion, a good dollop of exciting live music is stimulating, uplifting, and pretty much essential in everybody’s life. So get yourself out of a rut, come along to St Edith Folk and share the joyous experience with a family of others who feel the same way.

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