Back in the early 2002 the founding members of the Green Rock River Band were on a mission, they wanted to prove that you didn’t need drum machines, auto tune and a microkorg to have a rocking time. Fuelled by the music that had been around them since childhood, old records of Big Bill Broonzy, Silver bands, Northern Colliery Bands, the Delta Blues and Hank Williams, they grabbed any instrument that was available to them. Many of them have stories of paper rounds, labouring on building sites, endless days of mixing cement and working as shop assistants all to be able to afford their first instrument. Once these guitars, fiddles and banjos were in their hands, hours were spent, skipping school, hiding away in rehearsal rooms, scribbling out songs and learning how to turn every live gig into a party. Soon people of all ages were attending their gigs, whether it was to dance to upbeat tunes or sit and appreciate the slow ballads. The band’s ranks swelled too, from a duo, to a trio, to a full band attracting more and more fantastic players.

The Green Rock River Band are a hybrid of old time sounds that universally connects with audiences all over, a sound that has echoed throughout decades of music history, the folk tradition, in music hall, Americana, and jazz. All this blended with a contemporary sound. Modern songwriting and original arrangements for 21st century audiences wanting to connect with a music that runs a little deeper, a little more primitive than the clean over produced sound of modern folk and pop.

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A Green Rock River Band show will promise loud, brash string band music; banjos, fiddles, guitars and washboards all over-scored by melodic trombone and soaring three part harmonies. The band however has always been keen not to box themselves in as a party band. They have always focused on the craft of songwriting and strong arrangements. Sometimes this has led them to write big ‘stamp your feet‘ anthems, at other times they emerge with striking ballads, sensitive songs that reach out to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. It’s the universal appeal of their songs that elevates them as one of the UK’s top original folk bands. There is a refreshing grit and dirt to their songs, a sweaty energy that fills up venues with excitement and atmosphere.

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